Our Motto

“I am who I say I am and I do what I say I will do, so I can have what I desire to have.”

How Coaching Works

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2. During your consultation, we will have an open discussion to asses your situation, desired goals, roadblocks, and expectations.

3. Within two weeks of your consultation, we will create a customized coaching plan to address your unique needs.

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5. It’s time for you to get to work, with our support, as we coach you through achieving your goals!


Do you need help training your mind to be stronger than your emotions?

Do you need help learning when, why, and how to say no?

Do you often feel forced to choose between telling the truth and keeping a friend?

Are you bogged down by being there for everyone else?

Are you at a crossroads and don’t know which path to take?

Would you like to learn how to develop healthy boundaries within all of your relationships (family, friends, significant others, coworkers, students, etc.)?

Are you uncomfortable and unsure of how to deliver negative feedback?

Do you feel neglected, but don’t know how to communicate that without seeming needy?

Do you find yourself overwhelmed, in desperate need for a time management lesson?

Do you need help understanding cash flow and creating a savings and/or debt-elimination plan?

How effectively do you manage stress? 

Life gets us down sometimes, but we’ve got to keep moving forward. Seeking counsel from an unbiased third party can help you see things that you may not see on your own. Let us offer you a fresh perspective. We would love to hear your story and create a plan of attack to arm you with the tools necessary to overcome whatever is trying to prevent you from being the best version of yourself.

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Has your health taken a backseat and now your body is screaming for help, but you don’t understand the basics of fitness and nutrition?

Are you plagued by anxiety, self-doubt, complacency, fear, etc. and desire a complete mindset transformation, but need a helping hand from an encourager who will hold you accountable?

Do you seek to begin or deepen your relationship with God, but need direction and an accountability partner?

Once you’ve stretched and exercised your body, how do you stretch and exercise your mind?  

Living a healthy life requires you to develop a strong mind, body, and spirit. Let us help you build up your stamina in these areas.

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Do you need advice on what to do to effectively climb  the corporate ladder?

Can you resume use a makeover?

Would you like to practice your speech/presentation in front of an audience and gather constructive feedback?

Would you like a speech/presentation outlines or written for you?

Are you nervous about asking for a well-deserved raise/promotion?

Would you like a second set of eyes to review a response to a rude email before you hit send and regret it?

Are you interested in learning how to effectively leverage networking to build lasting professional relationships?

Do you know the difference between a mentor and a sponsor, and how to find both?

Would you like to learn how to differentiate yourself amongst your competition?

Would you like to build a strong, reputable personal brand that people trust, but aren’t sure how to establish credibility?

Do you struggle with the ability to disagree with someone in authority in a respectful way?

Are you offensive to constructive feedback?

Do you wonder how to get a seat at the table, and what to do once you get it?

Having a strong, reputable personal brand that people trust is so important in the professional world. We would love to help you dominate your realm of influence by establishing and maintaining credibility amongst everyone you interact with.

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We know your mind is full of great ideas that are eager to be brought to life! What’s holding you back? Let us help you break down those barriers!

Are you interested in going into business for yourself in order to relentlessly pursue your passions, but don’t know where to start?

Do you struggle with quantifying and communicating your brilliant ideas?

Would you like to earn more money, but don’t know how to leverage your skills to create multiple streams of income?

Do you just need someone to bounce ideas off of and brainstorm with, but have no such sounding board?

Whatever it is that you’ve been contemplating, we think you should just go for it! And we’re here to help you be successful in taking that leap.

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