What They’re Saying

We revolutionize the way individuals and businesses strategically implement ideas.
Our success has been driven by our clients’ eagerness and dedication to relentlessly pursue and conquer their goals.


“I am the founder of the online health coaching program “Queen For Life”, focused on helping women take back their crowns. Through Erika’s Social Media Management and Marketing services, she has helped me grow and maintain my client base to 100+ ongoing/repeat clients, generating $100,000+ in annual revenue. Erika’s Creative Coaching has provided me with techniques that have revolutionized the way I connect with my clients and they love it! Erika has helped me transform the mindsets of my clients in unimaginable ways through her Life and Wellness Coaching! Check out the testimonials on my website rionaxxfit.com for proof of her services and support. I’ve been benefiting from all of Erika’s services for over a year and plan to keep her on board as my social media manager and assistant coach indefinitely. One of the best business investments I’ve made."
Riona Edmonds, Owner of Queen For Life 


“I had the pleasure of working with Walk The Walk Consulting on the B2B side and had an amazing experience! Erika is great at what she does and more importantly she's fun to work with! Her passion is contagious and differentiates her from her competition. Not to mention her website looks outstanding and exudes professionalism!”
Scott Bartnick, Owner of The Five Day Startup


“Running two business keeps me very busy, so I am thankful for Erika's Social Media Management and Marketing services that have helped me strengthen my online presence. She transformed my business Instagram account by implementing daily posts which increased exposure and grew my following from less than 100 to over 3,700 in a manner of weeks! Through Erika's Creative Coaching, she listened to understand precisely what my business needs were and helped me brainstorm ideas to raise the bar, unlike any consultant I’ve worked with. Can’t beat her customer service and availability.”
Terrance Warren, Owner of Warren T Fitness and Mrs. In Training



“I am starting my career with a $32B organization with 100K employees globally, largely thanks to Erika's Professional CoachingErika is my role model and I have learned to mimic her strong and compassionate character. She’s taught me the importance of developing and fostering meaningful relationships. I find myself being other people’s “Erika” (she really is a brand of her own!), and asking myself what Erika would do when I find myself in moments of frustration. She has great perspective and is able to help me think about the “big picture”. I’ve learned to take every difficulty as an opportunity to better myself and those around meMy favorite aspect of Erika’s coaching is that she meets you where you are at. She has never told me how to act or behave in a difficult situation. She asks me insightful questions that allow me to reflect and arrive at the answer that works best for me. I always feel heard and cared for when I’m talking to her.”
Victoria Cardenas, Technical Sales Leadership Development Program, Eaton Corporation


“When I went through a very tough season and needed a confidant, I turned to Erika. I had only recently met her at church, yet she welcomed with open arms. She listened so attentively and, though I was a stranger, gave me such sound advice as if she’d known me for years. Her wisdom and insight drastically improved my mindset and she helped me formulate a plan that enabled me to make difficult, but necessary, changes in my life which rescued my mental health. 10+ years later, she remains a trusted friend to me. Erika’s heart for people is unlike anything I’ve experienced. She is a genuine soul who places others first and her investment in people is not only admirable but effective and needed. I benefited from Erika's Life and Wellness Coaching services long before she owned Walk The Walk. She was born for this. Coaching is her purpose!”
Jacqueline Dirzo, Stranger turned Dear Friend