Why are Businesses Investing in Social Media?

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1. Invest in what you struggle with doing well.

Do what you’re good at. Delegate what you struggle with. It's a simple, yet highly effective, concept. Focus on your strengths and build a team of people who enhance your weaknesses. Many times business owners try to do everything on their own and end up wasting valuable time and money, yielding minimal results. It is far more productive to take what you are good at, and focus your efforts on becoming amazing at it, while outsourcing the rest.

2. Invest in what takes you the most time.

Time is money, so your time is extremely valuable. What takes up the majority of your time? Can you afford to invest some money to buy back time? Contracting out this essential, but labor-intensive, responsibility to a specialist will free up your time so you can reinvest it somewhere better aligned with your strengths and area(s) of expertise.

3. Invest where the ROI is greatest.

Especially when you’re running lean, you want to ensure that the areas you’re investing your money in will yield a ROI in a timely manner. Social Media ROI can be measured in a variety of ways including reach, increased following, traffic, lead generation, audience engagement, customer experience/satisfaction, reputation mitigation, and revenue generated.

Social media is a great place for businesses to connect with large numbers of people. By establishing and maintaining a strong social media presence on multiple platforms, you’re suddenly engaging with billions of consumers who could become customers of yours.

Know The Numbers

43% of small businesses spend an average of 6 hours per week on social media - about the equivalent of one whole workday!

Your business isn’t going to run itself. It needs you.

Let Walk The Walk Consulting take your social media marketing off of your hands so you can reinvest your time into strengthening your unique skillset to grow your business.

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